Square Foot Price Breakdown for May 30th

This bonus podcast explains deeper how to use price per square foot analysis to purchase or sell a home. Click HERE to listen to the podcast. 

While listening, go to May 30th's blog to see the price break downs. Use the map or click HERE to view the location of your home or future home. Based on the color of the dot, you can see the range of the houses' price per square foot. Simply multiply the house square foot finished x cost per square foot = expected price. Now this will be a range so use the lowest and highest number of that range to see where the house may fall. Except for red...most houses don't sell under $80 a square foot in our area. 

An example is: House A is 1800 Square feet and is in an orange area. So the range for orange is $103-$115 per square foot. $103 x 1800 = $185,400 & $115 x 1800 = $207,000. That's how we know the house will most likely sell for between $185,000 and $207,000.

Disclaimer!! This is all general data, every home is unique and many factors go into a homes value. This is a simple tool to get you started.

P.S. For you investors out there: look for the red dots with round tops in areas where all the square dots are a different colors. These are the active homes for sale that are cheaper per square foot than the comps...

Thanks for reading!

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