Du-, Tri-, and 4-Plexes, Bis-Man Marketing Minute

Today we are looking at the data for duplexes, triplexes, and 4-plexes. Unlike single family homes that give us over 500 points of data per active or sold unit, we only have under 50 total data points. That means one or two big numbers will scew the data a bit. So, let's pull out our calculators - or in your case, just listen and follow along to find a trend in the numbers.

There are 37 Actives and 14 sold properties in the Bismarck-Mandan MLS.

The top 2 styles are Side-by-Side and Over-Under. (3 and 3).

Highest Sq Ft Price is between Ave C & Ave E between 9th and 20th St. Further north, prices fall between $92-$113 per square foot. To the west, average prices fall between $84-$91.

Surprsingly only 3 properties have been listed for more than 180 days.

Mandan Square foot prices range from $45-$83. It also had 6 of the last 12 sales and an average days on market of 31.67. 

58501 or Central Bismarck was close behind with 4 sales, average days on market of 34 days, and a price per square foot of $92.

What does this date mean? Mandan is still more affordable per unit than Bismarck on a purely price basis. Bismarck's average square foot is higher than Mandan's average size but also sells for more per square foot. The highest priced units by square foot are also the smallest total square feet. CLick HERE to see the active listings mapped out.

If you want further analysis or want to know which properties are the best deal: call, text, or e-mail me. 

This data is not perfect and shouldn't be the basis of your buying/selling decisions and is meant to simply be a guide on what prices to expect or list your properties at.

Thanks for listening or reading!

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